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Friday, August 2, 2013

How To Make A Facebook Fan Page To Be Liked or Shared

Make A Facebook Page To Make It Publicized And Socialized

First of all, your current Facebook Account should be in working order. If you have then put an E-mail address and Password like this. 

It would be very easy for you to make a fan page on Facebook.

Click on Setting button given at the right top corner of Facebook page. It will look like this. 

Click on the "Advertise" button.
Then click on "Create A Page". 

Click on the category you want to make your page either Local. Company or Brand or Product Page. It would better help you to develop your page. 

After selecting the Category, click ob Get Started.
Then give a proper Title to your page. The given snapshot is applicable in that case if you are going to make your Page as Local Business or Place.

More than half of your work has been done at this stage. Further more there are some formal steps to give a final touch to your Facebook Page. Now you need to give a picture to your Page. You can either select your picture from your own computer or from web. 

After this Click on Save Photo to save photo for your Page.

The most important step is that when you provide a description to your Page. It contains all related data for your Page. It is also called About Page.

You can provide the URL of your own website and other social media addresses like Twitter.

It will also to make your Page as "Create Ad". In other meanings it will acquire some money to make your Page Boosting on Social Media more quickly. You can either Skip this step by clicking on Skip button or by Clicking on "Create Ad" you can make an Add.
This step is called "Setup My Page Title". Have a look below:

You can also like your own page as well like this:

After this it will ask three important steps to make your page effective. These three options exist in Admin Panel. 
  • Build Audience
  • Edit Page
  • Help
You can build the visitors of your page by inviting your friends by E-mail or other meanings. 

Finally your Facebook Fan Page has been prepared in a very decent manner by following the steps. Now you need to make it more effective by adding information. Good Luck ! :)


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