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Friday, July 26, 2013

Biometric Voting System

Bio-metric Voting System Getting More Effective In Upcoming Time for Electoral Area

Bio-metric voting system is the best solution for the future electoral system to avoid corruption regarding public and governmental workers. It is the only way for the casters to express their will power without feeling pressure of any political power. Generally, when we talk about the political parties, we find that there are a lot of factors which pretends to use the public to use their right decision. Legislative areas won't be able to get the solid proof to prove the corruption in terms of electoral proceeding. So we need such a transparent system to use our right without going into any corrupt activity. Since it is the most step while we use the representatives of a nation that make policies and law in that particular state, therefore it needs very careful invigilation to make it transparent and correct. 

Technology is spreading fast day by day. Some specific organizations that completely depend upon the representatives of a country, they are very keen to implement the Bio-metric voting system and if we put a general glance on public they also require such system of voting that is counted free of corruption. Bio-metric voting system has this ability to avoid from corrupt activity. This system contains following things in its complete design:
  • Detail of all people those are registered for voting criteria.
  • Record of overall people who live in that country. 
  • Name of candidates to be selected as representatives.
  • Record of finger prints that are used to recognize the vote caster's finger print and much more.
The method for casting a vote in bio-metric voting system is very simple. Vote caster brings the verification slip as CNIC(Computerized National Identity Card) to the voting center and gets the serial from the voting list.Then appointed officer allows him to enter in voting box after verifying him as eligible person. Vote caster enters his CNIC Number in the voting machine and waits for retrieving the record from database. After getting voter selects his candidate and then hits thumb impression on the voting machine. Hence voters cast the vote and elects the representatives for the particular area.


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