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Friday, August 2, 2013

How To Make A Facebook Fan Page To Be Liked or Shared

Make A Facebook Page To Make It Publicized And Socialized

First of all, your current Facebook Account should be in working order. If you have then put an E-mail address and Password like this. 

It would be very easy for you to make a fan page on Facebook.

Click on Setting button given at the right top corner of Facebook page. It will look like this. 

Click on the "Advertise" button.
Then click on "Create A Page". 

Click on the category you want to make your page either Local. Company or Brand or Product Page. It would better help you to develop your page. 

After selecting the Category, click ob Get Started.
Then give a proper Title to your page. The given snapshot is applicable in that case if you are going to make your Page as Local Business or Place.

More than half of your work has been done at this stage. Further more there are some formal steps to give a final touch to your Facebook Page. Now you need to give a picture to your Page. You can either select your picture from your own computer or from web. 

After this Click on Save Photo to save photo for your Page.

The most important step is that when you provide a description to your Page. It contains all related data for your Page. It is also called About Page.

You can provide the URL of your own website and other social media addresses like Twitter.

It will also to make your Page as "Create Ad". In other meanings it will acquire some money to make your Page Boosting on Social Media more quickly. You can either Skip this step by clicking on Skip button or by Clicking on "Create Ad" you can make an Add.
This step is called "Setup My Page Title". Have a look below:

You can also like your own page as well like this:

After this it will ask three important steps to make your page effective. These three options exist in Admin Panel. 
  • Build Audience
  • Edit Page
  • Help
You can build the visitors of your page by inviting your friends by E-mail or other meanings. 

Finally your Facebook Fan Page has been prepared in a very decent manner by following the steps. Now you need to make it more effective by adding information. Good Luck ! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Biometric Voting System

Bio-metric Voting System Getting More Effective In Upcoming Time for Electoral Area

Bio-metric voting system is the best solution for the future electoral system to avoid corruption regarding public and governmental workers. It is the only way for the casters to express their will power without feeling pressure of any political power. Generally, when we talk about the political parties, we find that there are a lot of factors which pretends to use the public to use their right decision. Legislative areas won't be able to get the solid proof to prove the corruption in terms of electoral proceeding. So we need such a transparent system to use our right without going into any corrupt activity. Since it is the most step while we use the representatives of a nation that make policies and law in that particular state, therefore it needs very careful invigilation to make it transparent and correct. 

Technology is spreading fast day by day. Some specific organizations that completely depend upon the representatives of a country, they are very keen to implement the Bio-metric voting system and if we put a general glance on public they also require such system of voting that is counted free of corruption. Bio-metric voting system has this ability to avoid from corrupt activity. This system contains following things in its complete design:
  • Detail of all people those are registered for voting criteria.
  • Record of overall people who live in that country. 
  • Name of candidates to be selected as representatives.
  • Record of finger prints that are used to recognize the vote caster's finger print and much more.
The method for casting a vote in bio-metric voting system is very simple. Vote caster brings the verification slip as CNIC(Computerized National Identity Card) to the voting center and gets the serial from the voting list.Then appointed officer allows him to enter in voting box after verifying him as eligible person. Vote caster enters his CNIC Number in the voting machine and waits for retrieving the record from database. After getting voter selects his candidate and then hits thumb impression on the voting machine. Hence voters cast the vote and elects the representatives for the particular area.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What is Android Technology??

Android Technology All Over The World

Android is a computing oriented technology platform which is used in smart phones and other Android Technology Supported Devices. Android technology is owned by Google Corporation that has software, operating system and some of its apps. Google has provided the option to make some modifications so it is also called as an open source technology.

History of Android:

Google purchased this technology in July 2005. Andy Rubin used Android as application developer and later on wireless technology was used through Google Corporation. The Google introduced Android for first time in HTC Dream. Now it is being used almost in all type of smart phones, tablet computers, E-Readers and other devices.

Apps of Android:

Now a days Android technology is being used in all most all supported devices like smart phones. Different applications(apps) are being designed by large community of developers as smart phones apps, networking protocols and some other business modules for the smart phones. Android technology is being used in Games Developing like Smart Phones games and some other Tablets Apps. Apps of Android are specially designed by using JAVA software applications. Android technology uses special Software Development Kit(SDK) to create applications for Android. This technology kit is available on Internet for free. Smart phones can also be operated by different operating systems but most of the developers use Android due its easiness and more flexibility. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is Google Analytics? A Useful Tool Guideline

Google Analytical... The Most Powerful Web Developing Feature Launched By Google Corporation!!

Google Analytics is the mostly used web application. We can't deny form its importance. It is being used for the calculating terms for any website. It was basically developed by Urchin Software Corporation, which was later on bought by Google in April 2005. In May 2007 this was edited on a big scale and many modifications were applied by Google to make in more comprehensive and effective. Then it was released and it had become very popular at that time due to its advance and more powerful features. Web developers personally took interest in this web application and marketers also used it at high level. 

Google Analytics is used on regular basis to manage the traffic on a website. It calculates the visitors on a website and reports the owner of website that how much traffic graph is up and how much is low. This application provides a brief detail on the dashboard of website. It keeps you and your dashboard updated as well. That is very fine approach in the field of Web-Development. 

Do you know GA(Google Analytics) is the web application which can generate 85 different reports about a website that will help you to analyze all traffic on your website and possible data that is needed to be put on website. GA not only tracks about the visitors traffic but also it also tells you that which content is mostly read and picked from your website and it also tells the complete detail about that content. It also informs owner of website that at which time website is visited by some one. The most effective feature of this application that it can also track the visitor. GA tells you that which add is more driving on your website and you can have a brief eye on all the activities about the website. It is a summarized information about Google Analytics that can help you a lot to learn about this application. 

The GA Tracking Code:

GA will work only when every page of that website will contain GA Tracking code. This is a simple JAVA Script code that is added to all the webpages about you want to get the analytical information. It is either add to your website manually or directly added through that website's application. 

What You Need To Do To Access Tracking Code?

  • You need to have a Google Account.
  • Then go to the official site of Google Analytics and Sign In.
  • You can find your tracking code by going in Setting of Google Analytics. You must remember that code that will be used for the pages. 
  • From profile column Setting click on EDIT.
  • At top right click on Check Status.
  • Now your tracking code is ready to be copied on your page.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to install drivers for any Windows Operating System(Simple Steps)

Install Drivers Within No Time

All need to you that you must have a driver's CD/DVD that contains those driver's EXE files.

You need to make following steps:

  • 1st of all insert the CD/DVD in ROM and let it be auto detected by the computer.
  • Then close the auto detected windows appeared on your screen.
  • Go to the Properties of My Computer, a dialogue box will appear on the screen.
  • After this you need to find out the tab named as HARDWARE.
  • Click on this tab.
  • Then click on Device Manager button shown in the same dialogue box.
  • After this a Wizard will appear on the screen that will be indicating you to install your driver manually or automatically.
  • Default tick will be on Automatically Installation of drivers.
  • If you want to install the drivers automatically then you should go a head by keep tick on the 1st option in that wizard.
  • In automatic installation method by clicking on next button it will start searching the proper device driver for the device.(Note: It happens often that in automatic installation method either computer isn't able to install device driver or it takes a lot of time for the installation of that driver. That shows some disadvantage in computer terminologies.)
  • In manual installation method by clicking on next button it will definitely ask you to include the CD/DVD in Browsing Bar.
  • When you include CD/DVD in Browsing Bar, then it must ask you to include device driver name.
  • After that it will ask you to include the manufacturer name of that device. 
  • Select the manufacturer company then click on next button. 
  • Hopefully this time your device driver will be on the way to install.(Note: If still it is giving you some message about the driver problem then you must contact the manufacturer company that is owning that device. This would help you better.)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To Replace Battery Of Laptop Computer(Quick and Safe Steps)

Sometimes your battery of laptop doesn't support your laptop computer for a long time and it doesn't provide more charge to the laptop. When a battery fails to do all specific tasks in a manner then we need to change the battery as quick as possible. Follow these steps:

  • First important step is to switch off the power of laptop computer and disconnect the AC adapter.
  • Release the latch and any support that is holding the laptop battery at a fixed place.
  • Now just get the old battery out of that chamber where battery is lying.
  • The most importing thing is that don't touch the contacts around the battery area because it can either reduce the battery conductivity or it can damage its terminals connected to the laptop plates.

  • Now take the new battery out of box and put it there in battery chamber. 

  • Now carefully close the safety latch and then lock it properly in that place.
  • Reconnect the AC adapter and give a charge to the battery.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Replace Your Laptop’s Hard Drive(Preliminary Steps)

Swap in a healthy, roomy new drive in five easy 


Not long ago, replacing your laptop’s hard drive meant packing up the system and shipping it back to its maker, or dropping it off with a local repair shop. Either way, you’d have to live without your beloved computing companion for some time, and depending on who was doing the work, you’d likely pay plenty. Fortunately, most of today’s notebooks allow easy access to their hard drives and certain other components. Here’s all you need to know about replacing your notebook drive without incurring tech-separation anxiety—or a big bill.

Step 1: Choose your drive well

The standard drives in modern laptops—excepting a few of the very slimmest ultraportables—conform to the 2.5-inch-wide hard drive form factor. Most laptop upgrade drives sold today are 2.5-inch and rotate at 4,200rpm, 5,400rpm, or 7,200rpm, offering capacities of 300GB or more. All else being equal, the faster the spin rate, the better the performance you should expect.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Laptop Cooling System

In laptop cooling system an essential part is involved to keep the whole electronic chips cool. That part is called "Laptop Cooler". Laptop is such type of accessory that keeps the operating unit cool. Laptop coolers are intended to protect both the laptop from overheating and the user from suffering heat related discomfort. A cooling pad may house active or passive cooling methods and rests beneath the laptop. Active coolers move air or liquid to direct heat away from the laptop quickly, while passive methods may rely on thermally conductive materials or increasing passive airflow.

There are three types of Laptop Coolers:
1. Active Coolers

Active coolers use small fans to generate additional airflow around the body of the laptop. This helps convect heat away from the device. Many cooler pads support the use of a power adapter, though they typically run on power drawn through one of the laptop's USB ports. Additionally, many cooler pads come with a built-in USB hub, so as not to consume one of the laptop's often limited number of USB ports.
Some active coolers draw heat from the underside of the computer; others work in the opposite way by blowing cool air towards the machine. The fan speed is adjusted manually or automatically on certain models and on others stays at a fixed speed.
Poorly designed coolers may use fans which draw more current than allowed by the USB standard. Without correct protection, such devices can cause damage to the USB power supply.
Inside the laptop, the USB power-supply has to output an additional amount of watts for the USB-powered fan, thus generating a small amount of additional heat. This additional heat generation is usually insignificant in relation to the amount of heat a fan moves away from the laptop.

2. Passive Coolers

Typically, a conductive cooling pad allows for the cooling of a laptop without using any power. These "Pads" are normally filled with an organic salt compound that allows them to absorb the heat from the laptop. They are good for a limited amount of time from around 6–8 hours of cooling. Other designs are simply a pad that elevates the laptop so that the fans in the laptop are allowed greater airflow.
The conductive cooling pads are not advisable for laptops that have fan vents built into the bottom as the cooling pad blocks the vents leading to overheating or premature system failure. The best way to determine if a cooling pad would be suitable for your laptop would be to take a look at the bottom of the laptop and look for air vents or fan vents. If they are on the side and not on the bottom, it is usually safe to use the cooler pad; otherwise, it may not be safe to use a conductive cooler pad.
The other variety that can be used simply has a hard resting surface that provides gap between the cooler and the laptop is normally safer to use.
3. Multi-Surface Coolers 

A type of passive cooler that allows both airflow between the laptop base and cooler, as well as, between the base of the cooler and the users's lap. These laptop coolers are well suited to laptops that have vents on its base because it prevents these vents from being blocked regardless of what ever surface the laptop is used on. Therefore, these multi-surface coolers are suitable for use on desk, lap and uneven/soft surfaces (couch, bed/duvet, carpet) and outdoors.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Safety and Care

Know where your laptop is at all times and treat it with care. Be cautious about leaving the laptop unattended, and know that dropping, jostling, or bumping may cause damage to the hard drive. The most important thing for a laptop is to take care of its external parts i.e, ROM, Keyboard and Mouse Pad etc. These parts are the vital parts for the safety of any Laptop Machine.

  • Do not place drinks next to the computer. One accidental spill onto the keyboard will damage it, probably beyond repair.
  • Always hold the laptop by the bottom (keyboard half), never the screen. Use two hands.
  • Correctly remove the wireless card (if applicable) before transporting.
  • Do not store the laptop where very cold or very hot.
  • Do not place the laptop close to any electrical appliance, because it generates a magnetic field.
  • Purchase a luggage tag. Attach it to the carrying case and fill it out with your name. Make sure that no flap that covers your name.
  • Attach something unique to the carrying case. This will help prevent someone else from mistaking your case for theirs.
  • Label all parts of the laptop with your name. Put a sticky address label on the top of the laptop, inside, under the keyboard, both parts of the power cord, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/Floppy drives, and a USB drive.
  • Protect the screen and body of your laptop. Your laptop will last much longer if it doesn't get damaged.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Safe Usage of Laptop Computers

Traveling? 10 tips to protect your laptop




These days, it seems that just about everybody uses a laptop or notebook computer to get work done away from the office or on the road. Unfortunately, the pervasiveness of laptop computing has made portable systems an easy target for theft. If your laptop computer is stolen, or if someone gains access to your files while your back is turned, your company information—not to mention your personal and financial data—can be exposed.
Looking for information about security features you can use on your laptop to keep your data safe while you travel? This article covers some of the most pertinent. If you’d like more general security suggestions (whether on the road or at the office), check out 10 ways to work more securely.