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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What is Android Technology??

Android Technology All Over The World

Android is a computing oriented technology platform which is used in smart phones and other Android Technology Supported Devices. Android technology is owned by Google Corporation that has software, operating system and some of its apps. Google has provided the option to make some modifications so it is also called as an open source technology.

History of Android:

Google purchased this technology in July 2005. Andy Rubin used Android as application developer and later on wireless technology was used through Google Corporation. The Google introduced Android for first time in HTC Dream. Now it is being used almost in all type of smart phones, tablet computers, E-Readers and other devices.

Apps of Android:

Now a days Android technology is being used in all most all supported devices like smart phones. Different applications(apps) are being designed by large community of developers as smart phones apps, networking protocols and some other business modules for the smart phones. Android technology is being used in Games Developing like Smart Phones games and some other Tablets Apps. Apps of Android are specially designed by using JAVA software applications. Android technology uses special Software Development Kit(SDK) to create applications for Android. This technology kit is available on Internet for free. Smart phones can also be operated by different operating systems but most of the developers use Android due its easiness and more flexibility. 


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